I have been waiting for this long weekend for a while. Its been in the diary, ever since my gorgoeus friend decided she was having an abroad wedding just outside Bordeaux. I am such a huge fan of abroad weddings as its a great opportunity to visit places you wouldnt necessarily pick to go yourself or its been on the list for a while and having a wedding invite makes you actually get pro active and book a flight.

With Bordeaux it was definitely the latter, it was on my list, looked a great place but had just never got round to going there. Its also perfect timing as according to Lonely Planet its just been named the best city of 2017!

We boarded a super early flight, which always seems a great idea when you see a good deal on sky scanner, but when the alarm goes off, you internally curse yourself for being so stupid and should have booked at a more reasonable hour.

With that said, with less than an hour and a half in the sky, we reached Bordeaux by 08.45am and were in the centre of town by 09.30am. We decided to take the bus in and save the euros for more important purchases such as wine!

I can honestly say i have absolutely fallen head over heels in love with this city. Its sits on the river Garonne and you simply cant help wandering the streets admiring the buildings with windows with painted shutters and foliage decorating the baskets outside. It is simply stunning.

Of course, they also have the most incredible architecture that spills across the city including Place de la Bourse, the Grand Theatre de Bourdeaux, and the Bordeaux Cathedral to name a few.

But the thing that i loved most about Bordeaux were the people. They were incredibly friendly, welcoming and hospitable. Keen to help you practice your french but also not offended if the only world you can say is Bonjour before launching into english.

Of course, we absolutely sampled the wine and frequented as many bars and restaurants that we could physically do in two days, whilst trying to get in as many steps before each meal came around. However the place that I enjoyed the most was on our first day we found a gorgeous place called Julo just across a small road from the Basilica of St. Michael it served incredible wine, charcuterie and cheese. The man who ran it, was absolutely amazing and selected wine based on what he thought we would like. We loved it so much we would have returned but they were closed on Mondays.

All in all, you need a good three days to spend in Bordeaux. There is so much choice and variety of places to go and see. I didn’t think anywhere would come as close to Dubrovnik (my number 1 place) but this place is up there on my favourite cities in the world. Definitely a repeat visit needed!